Summer Camp 2019


Dance Camp Creative ages 5 -13 taps in to the kaleidoscopic creativity and skills a performing artist acquires a long their journey. Campers will discover how to utilize the power of the Arts to successfully maneuver their way through the many facets of life “Like A Dancer” Campers are divided into three rotating groups for courses in Nutrition & fitness, Visualize & organize, Technique & Presence, Sewing & Costuming, Teaching & choreography, Read it, Write it, See it and Surprise dance! Classes are age appropriate and self paced lead by passionate Ballet Afrique company instructors.

Ballet Afrique Dance Intensive ages 9-14 is a FORWARD-THINKING three -week program designed for the serious dancer who is motivated to improve their craft. This intensive will encourage technical development and artistic growth through a variety of classes, and will emphasize repertory experiences in all dance disciplines. Curriculum Includes Daily technique& terminology classes in ballet, pre- pointe supplemented by classes in pointe and variations, contemporary, modern, lyrical, improvisation, male technique and pas de deux.

Ballet Afrique is offering two Summer Camps this season designed to keep your Dancer engaged and active this summer. Whether well-seasoned or just getting started, Ballet Afrique’s comprehensive three -week program designed for any dancer who is motivated to improve their craft.

Dance Camp Creative Unique: June 10 – June 28th

Ballet Afrique Dance Intensive: July 8 – July 26th

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