Fall 2018

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2018-2019 Season Annual Tuition Costs
1st student/1st weekly class           $675
1st student/2nd weekly class         $360  
1st Student/3rd weekly class           $315
1st student/4th weekly class           $270
1st student/5th weekly class           $225

Tuition Example (excluding any other fees): 
 If you have one child taking one class per week, the annual fee is $675 total
 If this same child takes two classes per week, the annual fee is $675 + $360 = $1,035 total
 If the same child takes three classes per week, the annual fee is $675 + $360 + $315 = $1,350 total

*Each additional class (Six or more) increases an additional $90.00 for  annual, $30.00 for quarterly, and $10 for monthly  

Registration Fee-$20.00

Performance Fee-$75.00 

Sibling discounts 

20% Discount for the 2nd child of the same family registered. 

30% discount for the 3 or more children of the same family registered.