Ballet Afrique is working towards offering a stellar production of The Wiz in February 2021 at the Long Center. We are currently casting for Dancers, Singers, and Actors, ages 17 & up.


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All singers are expected to prepare 3 songs for audition. Live piano accompaniment will be provided.
 1. Song specific to desired role/character
 2. Song of actor’s choice from the list below
 3. “Ease on Down the Road” accompanied by improvised movement.


Songs are as follows:

  •  “The Feeling We Once Had” – Aunt Em
  •  “Tornado” – The Company
  • “He’s the Wizard” – Addaperle and Munchkins
  • “Soon as I Get Home” – Dorothy Gale
  •  “I Was Born On The Day Before Yesterday” – Scarecrow
  •  “Ease on Down the Road” – Dorothy Gale and Scarecrow
  •  “Slide Some Oil to Me” – Tin Man
  •   “Ease on Down the Road”
  •  “(I’m a) Mean Ole Lion” – Lion
  • “You can’t Win” – Scare Crow
  • “Be a Lion” – Dorothy Gale and Lion
  •  “So You Wanted to Meet the Wizard” – Wizard
  •  “What Would I Do If I Could Feel” – Tin Man
  • “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News” – Evilene and Winkies
  • “Everybody Rejoice/A Brand New Day” – The Company
  • “Believe in Yourself” – Wizard
  •  “Y’all Got It!” – Wizard and Company
  • “A Rested Body Is a Rested Mind” – Glinda and Company
  • “Believe in Yourself” (Reprise) – Glinda
  •  “Home/Finale” – Dorothy Gale


All main roles are expected to audition with a selected acting scene from the musical script provided by Ballet Afrique.
All dancers are expected to arrive in dark color dance attire, ballet or jazz shoes, and hair pulled up. Looking for intermediate to advanced dancers in ballet, jazz, African, and contemporary dance or free-form dance.
All levels of passionate dancers encouraged. Auditions will consist of class, followed by choreography. Solo performances may be submitted digitally via email to with the subject titled :The Wiz Dance Audition”.

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    What is your vocal range?

    What is your favorite scene from The Wiz and why?

    Which character do you most identify with and why?

    Rehearsals are slated for Tue & Thurs evenings and Sat afternoons. Are you generally available 6p-9p during the week and 1p-5p on the weekend?

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