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About Youth Academy

The Ballet Afrique Dance Academy (BADA) is a fine arts training program for students ages 2 – 18, Classes are conducted by instructors that are experienced, highly trained, and enthusiastic about arts education.  BADA is designed to develop students technically and artistically in a professional and warm environment that encourages creative expression, personal growth, and self-esteem. A variety of classes are offered including; Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and African Traditional Movement. Students of BADA perform two recitals throughout the season highlighting their success. Our goal is to prepare students to pursue performing arts careers or advanced performing arts education thru college.

Educational philosophy

Ballet Afrique’s educational strategy is to nurture preserve a positive warm environment  and place a high value on student, teacher and family relationships to support each student’s pursuit of high artistic and technical merit.

Academy class structure is  based on The Five Standards of Learning Dance developed by the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprint for teaching and learning Dance.

1. Physical (Dance Making)

By exploring, creating, replicating and observing dance, students build their technical and expressive skills, develop their artistry and a unique personal voice in dance, and experience the power of dance to communicate. They understand dance as a universal language and a legacy of expression in every culture.

2. Social/affective (Developing Dance Literacy)

Students develop a working knowledge of dance language and aesthetics, and apply it to analyzing, evaluating, documenting, creating and performing dance. They recognize their role as articulate, literate dancers in communicating about dance to their families, schools and communities.

3. Cognitive (Making Connections)

By investigating historical, social and cultural contexts, and by exploring common themes and principles connecting dance with other disciplines, students enrich their creative work and understand the significance of dance in the evolution of human thought and expression.

4. Aesthetic & Appreciation (Working With Community and Cultural Resources)

Students broaden their perspective by working with professional artists and arts organizations representing diverse cultural and personal approaches to dance, and by seeing performances of widely varied dance styles and genres. Develop active partnerships that combine studio resources with the full range of local and international professional institutions to create a fertile ground for students’ dance learning and creativity.

5. Metacognitive  (Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning)

Students consider the range of dance and dance-related professions as they think about their goals and aspirations, and understand how the various professions support and connect with each other. They carry physical, social and cognitive skills learned in dance, and an ability to appreciate and enjoy participating in dance, throughout their lives.

Ballet Afrique Dance Academy (BADA)

Studio policies and Procedures

Registration Fee

Upon registration there is a $20 registration fee. All registration fees are due upon enrollment. This fee is non-refundable.

Performance Fee

BADA prides itself on providing students with the experience of professional, quality performances. The performance fee include costuming, venue, and technical fees such as lighting and sound. The non-refundable performance fee of $75.00 PER STUDENT.

The Performance fee will not be paid in the same method as tuition. When you are ready to pay your performance fee you must take the following steps in order to ensure your account is properly credited.

Contact the Parent Liaison via e-mail at with Subject PERFORMANCE FEE. Provide your students name and the date you will like to pay the fee. (If you are not paying in full please include the amount you are paying toward your fee.)

1.You will receive an invoice from PayPal for your Performance fee.

2. Pay the invoice via PayPal

If you do not have a debt or credit card to make the payment online please indicate that in your e-mail so alternative arrangements can be made.

*Failure to pay performance fees by the above due date may result in student not participating in season performances.

Class Tuition

Tuition is paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If paying monthly or quarterly Tuition is due on the 1st of the month but no later than the 5th of the month. If you are unable to pay by the due date you must contact the parent liaison to make further arrangements.

*A $10 late fee will be assessed to your account if tuition has not been received by the 5th of the month, no exceptions.

Payments and fees are payable online only.

Any tuition not paid by the last day of the month is considered outstanding and must be paid in full before the student may resume weekly classes.

◦Tuition will be prorated based off start date

◦We do not offer refunds for missed classes.

◦We do not offer refunds for dropped classes when student paid yearly tuition in full.

◦Tuition reminders will be sent every month

◦Tuition information can be found on the registration website under Classes and Fees

Dress Code

Our goal is to prepare our students for the real world of dance. So this season we will strongly enforce our uniform policy and rules. Leotards must be purchased at , the Product number is N5501C for children sizes and N5501 for teen/adult sizes. Everyone must be in compliance with the uniform policy by October 1, 2018. If your student is not in uniform when they arrive for class they will not be allowed into class. All shoes must be canvas, no leather!

Ages 2-5: Black Leotard, Flesh tone tights, Black split sole ballet slippers

All Ballet Classes: Black Leotard, flesh tone tights, Flesh tone split sole ballet slippers

All Modern Classes: Eggplant Leotard, black boy shorts, no tights, and no shoes

All Ballet Afrique Classes: Mulberry Leotard, Black boy shorts, no tights, Flesh tone split sole ballet slippers

African class: Black Leotard, Black boy shorts, no tights, and no shoes.

Pointe: Black leotard, flesh tone tights, Pink Pointe shoe

Kuumba (Jr. Company): Teal Leotard, Black boy short, no tights, and no shoes.

*Hair must be tied back securely and no jewelry is allowed.

BADA Code of Conduct

Students must arrive prepared, properly dressed, and on time for all scheduled classes.

Students are asked to be polite and courteous to each other as well as faculty and staff. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

No gum food or beverages are allowed in the studio. Only water in bottles will be permitted in the studio during class.

Students are expected to clean up behind themselves before leaving the studio.

No student is to leave the classroom without permission. If a parent needs to speak with a student, a message can be relayed to any available staff or by emailing or calling the parent liaison directly. PLEASE DO NOT INTEREUPT THE CLASS.

There is a ten minutes grace period for latecomers. However, due to safety (lack of warm-up) and class disturbance, no one may join a class in progress after that time.

If a problem should arise with your child, please talk to the parent liaison. Pease do not approach other teachers.

Parents are asked to remain outside of the studio during class (parents of 2 yr old students will be allowed if needed)

BADA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Labeling personal items with student’s names is recommended.


Please make sure student’s use the restroom prior to arriving at class. If a student must go to the restroom they will be accompanied by staff or parent.


Students are expected to attend classes regularly and on time. The work students are doing in every class is very important and their attendance is essential. Absenteeism may result in the student’s limited participation in a recital number.

◾Parents are asked to walk students into class and then exit the studio.

◾Withdrawals must be submitted in writing.

◾No refunds will be given for missed classes. If a student misses a class for any reason, his/her parent must call (512) 766-8442 and leave a voicemail or email to report the absence.

◾Students must be picked up promptly when class is over unless release waiver has been signed.

Make-Up Classes

All students may make up missed classes by attending one additional class during the month needed.

Illness or Injury

Students who are ill (infectious) should not come to class.

◾Extended illness requires a note when returning to class.

◾Injured dancers are encourage to come observe class so they are familiar with

Curriculum and combinations being taught when they return to class.

Parent Observation Week

One week per season BADA will open the studio for families to come and observe classes. This week give you the opportunity to experience the hard work your child demonstrates in his/her classes at Ballet Afrique Dance Academy.

The dates for parent observation week are listed on the season calendar.


Please keep noise and/or distractions to a minimum.

◾This includes:

Managing the behavior of siblings during class.

Keeping cell phones on silent during class.

Arriving on time for class

Holidays, Closings & Inclement Weather

Holidays & Closings

◦BADA will follow most of the AISD school closures.

◦Reminders will be sent via email, text or in the Facebook BADA PARENTS group.

Inclement Weather

Decisions to cancel classes due to inclement weather will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Ballet Afrique Dance Academy.

◦If classes are not canceled, but weather conditions in your area are unsafe, please use your discretion and stay home. Any missed classes can be made up during the month.

◦Whenever it is possible, announcements regarding delays or closings will be sent via BADA Parents Group me text group or on the BADA Parents Facebook page.

Parent Communication

We use three different forms of communication to provide parents information.

1.E-mail- This is our main form of communication. Please make sure we have the correct e-mail address for you. We send out a minimum of 2 e-mails a month. Please read the entire e-mail and ask questions if needed.

2.Facebook- We use Facebook to send quick notifications, reminders and cancellations. It can also be used to report attendance, questions, pictures, and share information. To become part of the Facebook group go to BADA Parents and request to join.

*You are automatically part of the e-mail group upon registration. You must sign up for Text group or Facebook group to ensure you are informed of class cancelations or delays as these will not be e-mailed.

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Information

Parents are needed to volunteer to help with the door, backstage, and clean up. If you volunteer for backstage you must be available for dress rehearsal as well.

Donations of snacks, plates, juice and water are needed for both days.

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