KUUMBA program (ages 11-13)

  • Physical: Further refinement of movements, building strength in various dance techniques, and coordinating spatially and rhythmically complex sequences.
  • Social/affective: Overcoming awkwardness, building trust among peers, working independently and taking risks.
  • Cognitive: Distinguishing, manipulating, synthesizing, analyzing, evaluating and creating dance.
  • Aesthetic & Appreciation: Accurately executing different styles of dance, considering multiple factors leading to aesthetic effect.
  • Metacognitive: Reflecting on their own qualities as dancers in relation to their training and worlddance styles.


 Kuumba Class info

Kuumba classes consist of students ages 6-12. At this level students begin to develop their understanding of form and technique while nurturing their love and appreciation of the arts. Students perform barre exercises, as well as center floor and traveling steps. Focus is on maintaining proper alignment, developing strength and endurance, and increasing flexibility and extension.

Foundations of ballet alignment, basic positions, and carriage of the arms are reinforced and turns, jumps, slow balances are introduced. Dancers learn complex choreography and also improvise using ballet, modern, contemporary and African technique. Form and technique are drawn from dance pioneers and class etiquette is reinforced and practiced.


Kuumba Classes

  • Ballet II
  • Ballet III
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • African Dance
  • Hip-Hop