Pre-k program (ages 4-5)

Pre-k program (ages4-5) learning strategies

  • Physical: Self-control, refinement of gross motor skills, development of fine motor skills, and understanding of the relationship between their bodies and the space around them.
  • Social/affective: Listening, responding, taking turns and working cooperatively in a group.
  • Cognitive: Recognizing, recalling, identifying, differentiating, and sequencing movements.
  • Aesthetic & Appreciation: Choosing and expressing preference for dance movements.
  • Metacognitive: Reflecting on their own and classmates’ dancing.


Pre- k Class info

These classes are a great introduction to basic ballet vocabulary, posture, and alignment. Students dance with props and costumes—having fun enacting stories through dance, while being exposed to a wide variety of music. They practice moving as a group, cooperating, and following directions. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves creatively as well as to imitate movements and dance patterns


Pre –K classes

  • Ballet/Rhythm Combo (4-5yrs