Umoja Program (ages 13 -18)

Umoja Program (ages 13 -18) learning strategies

  • Physical: Execution of advanced technical elements of various styles with expressive subtlety.
  • Social/affective: Initiating, planning and producing projects independently in coordination with others.
  • Cognitive: Explaining, comparing, implementing, deconstructing and critiquing dance.
  • Aesthetic & Appreciation: Defining and articulating a personal aesthetic in dance.
  • Metacognitive: Reflecting upon their strengths and weaknesses in dance and their personal approach to dance study.

Umoja Class info
The Umoja Academy classes consists of BADA students ages 13-18, who have auditioned to represent Ballet Afrique as our pre-professional dance students.

Umoja Youth Company dancers are required to take 3 hours a week.  Umoja dancers are required to demonstrate   technical and artistic proficiency in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and African dance, they must also demonstrate leadership, academic dedication and strength of character.  Umoja performs both, locally and nationally including in BAM, the Black Arts Movement Festival in Austin, TX.  Umoja also participates in training intensives with world renowned dancers/choreographers.

Umoja classes    

  • Dance Afrique
  • Ballet Intermediate/Advanced
  • Sacrifice Training
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • African Dance
  • Hip-Hop
  • Drumming
  • Liturgical Dance